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super 8 + digital video

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Inclusivity, respect, and loving kindness are of the utmost importance to me personally & professionally. The world is a scary place, but you are valued & welcome with ZZ Films. If you’re in love, I want to help you celebrate it!

I want to be a warm & comforting presence on your wedding day, but I’ll mostly blend in. I’ll probably squeak out a “holy sh*t you look amazing” or “omg it’s really happening!! are you ready??” Other than that, I will be a silent observer, searching for those moments of connection & electricity. I love weddings because it’s a day set aside to celebrate not just your romantic love but the love between you & your friends & family. The last thing I want to do is interject myself in the middle of an authentic, irreplaceable moment. Rest assured, even when you don’t notice me, I’m capturing all the good stuff, even the tiny moments everyone else missed.

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I capture you & your partner in your own style
instead of trying to fit you into mine.

You're right where you belong


I’m ZZ, a traveling wedding videographer based in MS/TN

Why choose between modern & retro when you can have both?
ZZ Films specializes in weddings films that feature:


Who says you can’t have it all??

crisp 4K footage

authentic super 8 film shot on vintage cameras

camcorder footage filmed on actual VHS-C tapes

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